7 piece wardrobe

Brian Gimillaro, head coach of women volleyball at CSULB, has always been one of our stylish customers. We asked him about the secret to his classic chic look and what he thinks is the most important factor to consider when buying cloths.

He introduced us to the magic of 7-piece wardrobe. These 8 pieces consisted of 5 tops and 3 bottoms, he then showed us how to mix and match the items to get both casual and formal looks.

Tops                                                                                        Bottoms

-Blue polo shirt                                                                     -Gray regular chino

-Purple button down                                                           -Black regular chino

-Printed short sleeve button down                                    -Dark wash denim pants

-Gray chino shorts


First Look – Classic & Formal

Brian told us he mixes and matches suits’ jacket and trousers to get a different and modern look.

His wardrobe staples is a classic button down. Based on the season, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from, however keep in mind the right fit is what makes you look 1000 times more expensive! 

 *Style tip from Fit&Style:

When you are buying shirts, shoulder seams should land at shoulder ridge and shirts should follow your torso line but not hug it.

Second Look – Classic & Casual

Using the button downs with a pair of Oxfords and a pair of well fitted solid chino Shorts. Brian says, If you hear casual, that does not mean sweat pants and t-shirts, keep your casual trendy by simply pairing your chino shorts with nice tailored button downs. And SHOES SHOES SHOES! I can’t emphasis on how it’s important how important your shoes are. Invest in quality when you are buying your shoes, they can change your look from 0 to 180!


Third Look – Casual and comfortable

Brian is a professional athlete and he owns a variety of running shoes, however, when it comes to a comfortable classic blue jean look, he opt for dark washed denims and his go-to shoes are dark sleek shoes.

Fourth Look – Casual & Cool

Living in California, we all know how it gets so unbearably hot sometimes! Coach Gimmillaro advices every man to pick a classic short sleeve button down over T-shirts and sleeve-less tops. Fabrics are very important in keeping you cool, linen, cotton and cotton blend shirts are always a good option. 

 *Style tip from Fit&Style:

-Best length for untucked shirts is 2 to 2.3 under your waistband

-Waistbands should be able to fit two fingers; no more or it is too loose nor less as that will be too tight

-Seat should lay flat without folding at the center line

-Thigh should hang straight without sagging lines or horizontal pulling lines

Fifth Look – Semi-Formal

Polo shirts have always been a classic staple, pick a color that suits your color profile and pair them with a regular fit chino

The new ankle length chinos are very trendy this year and again with the right shoes, you will make the best of your style.

*Style tip from Fit&Style:

Always buy to fit your shoulders with a trim fit in the torso



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