Spring 2018 Color Guide

Have you noticed how some colors look so great on you and some just never work? Depending on the color of your eyes, hair and skin, we are categorized in the Seasonal Flow System.

Here is how the system work:

Deep seasons have darker hair and eye colors and light seasons will be blonde with lighter color eyes. Warm seasons are easy to spot, summer and autumn, they have a golden hue and Cool seasons, spring and winter, are where you see cool pink or rosy undertones. Soft and clear are a bit more advanced to identify and we will go over that in later blogs.


Tip: Hold a gold color next to your skin, if it makes you look drained then you know you are a cool season. Pink, on the other hand, will look great on you!


Cherry Tomato & Chili Oil

Red tones are perfect for the warmer seasons. Cherry tomato, with a red orange tone, (top) and Chili Oil (bottom), with an earthy brown base are two different shades of red for spring 2018. Cherry tomato is great for those on the light side of the spectrum and chili oil for those on the darker side.

Lime Punch Vs Meadowalrk

Another range of color made for warmer seasons are yellows. Lime Punch, sharp and pungent (top) and Meadowlark (bottom), with more of a gray shade are a simple example of how widely yellows range. Lime punch best works on the lighter side and Meadowlark for the darker side of the spectrum.

Little Boy Blue Vs Blue – Sky

Let’s not forget about the cooler tones for this season. Blues are always a great example. Little Boy Blue, with a blue-sky tone (top) will look best on the lighter side and the Arcadia on the other hand, with a hint of retro and a tinge of teal, looks great of the darker side.

Spring Crocus Vs Lavender Pink

Speaking of cooler tone, pink is on top of the list. This year we have the Spring Crocus (top) with a tad of fuchsia. This color will look best on individuals with cool darker features. We also have the lavender pink (bottom) that has a little bit of that purple tint in it, it is soft and romantic and will look best on individuals on the opposite side of the spectrum.


Having all that said, it is important to know your colors. Black is not always the way to go! It has been said many times that it will make you look slimmer, but you can always bring attention to your best assets by using your colors the right way. If you want to know more about how to use these colors efficiently stay tuned and pay more attention to what looks best



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